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Denver's hippest therapeutic massage & private yoga classes located in both the trendy RiNo district, downtown Denver and now in the Highlands.

Locally owned and operated in Denver, Colorado since 2008

Therapeutic Massage Services

At LoDo Massage Studio, we believe that Therapeutic Massage is a powerful tool to reshape and restore how the body feels and functions. Our therapists are talented experts, passionate about providing transformational bodywork. Your experience at LoDo Massage Studio will be exactly what you need, with a variety of different modalities and styles of Therapeutic Massage available.

Keep it straightforward with our signature Mile High Massage or let one of our talent Thai Massage Therapists stretch out and loosen over-worked muscles. Feel the deep opening of a Neuromuscular Massage, or shed your stress with a Hot Stone Massage. Be amazed by the power and grace of an Ashiatsu Massage, or find deep healing in an Aromatherapy Massage.

For an even more therapeutic experience, add in a session with one of our amazing Private Yoga Teachers. From Restorative Yoga to Vinyasa and every style in between, let us create the perfect session for your body. Bring a friend and share the fun!

Whatever your preference, let us help you to leave behind pain and chronic tension so you can enjoy this beautiful city and the wonderful nature that surrounds us. Our convenient location in Denver’s trendy RiNo Arts District is easy access from all areas of Denver. Parking is stress free, with ample free spaces available at any time of day.

No Fluff, No Buff

This phrase has become our motto, referring to the “Fluff and Buff” Massages that we will never allow to cross our threshold. We believe that relaxation does not need to be achieved at the expense of impactful bodywork, but rather the two can go hand in hand when Deep Tissue techniques are performed by experts. Never fear- when you walk into our studio there is no chance of soft grazing hands and the continuous reapplication of oil. The intention in every massage is to leave your body in a better state than it was at the beginning, whatever that means for you and your body.

You can trust our therapists to find the places that need deeper work, and to ease off on those areas that are sensitive and need a lighter touch. We encourage extensive communication before, during and after your massage so that we can ensure your experience is everything you hoped it would be. Our clients are also encouraged to try out different therapists! We embrace differences and variety in techniques and specialties, so you never know what gems you may discover among our staff.

We encourage frequent Therapeutic Massage, but you will never be pushed to buy dubious products, or asked to sign a contract. We trust that after you experience our therapists' work, you’ll want to come back for more.

Mission Statement

Our studio is focused completely on the individual. We believe that the combination of Therapeutic Massage and Private Yoga promotes optimal health and wellness, and that customizing these therapies to each person yields effective, astounding results. One person at a time, we strive to serve our community as a holistic wellness center, where our neighbors can find a space of healing, compassion, and support in their wellness goals.


The Mile High Massage

The term “Mile High Massage” originated when we began using Apothecanna’s THC Infused Pain Creme in our massages. Since then, we have embraced the term and expanded the definition, so our Mile High Massage became our signature service, with the option for Apothecanna’s Pain Creme, always free of charge.

For the full list of options with the Mile High Massage, visit our Services page.

LoDo Massage garnered a lot of attention and press around the Mile High Massage, and it quickly became our most popular service. Apothecanna supplies us with an incredible, effective product that is loved by both the therapists and clients alike. The lotion is infused with both THC and CBD (therapeutic compounds from marijuana), which provide both immediate pain relief and lasting relief from inflammation. As a result, Apothecanna pairs particularly well with Deep Tissue Massage, as it eases the discomfort that is sometimes a part of deep work and helps alleviate inflammation that can arise after the massage. The Pain Creme also includes Arnica, Peppermint and Juniper. Arnica is also a natural pain reliever, while the Peppermint and Juniper add a lovely cool and tingling sensation.

The biggest question is always “Will I get high?” No! We love that this product allows people to experience the therapeutic benefits of marijuana in a way they are comfortable with. Topical lotions like Apothecanna’s Pain Creme do not enter the bloodstream, and have no effect on your mental state- although we cannot make the same claim about our massage!




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