Featured by Fox 21 News for our Cannabis Massage

May 5, 2015

DENVER -- Colorado is undoubtedly cashing in on the cannabis craze. Business is booming in dispensaries, and tourism has also seen a boost. Now, one Denver spa is getting a slice of the pie.

LoDo Massage and Yoga has tripled their business since they began offering the "Mile High Massage" on 4/20. Therapists use a cannabis-infused lotion created by Apothecanna during the 60 or 90 minute treatments.

"The cannabis acts as an anti-inflammatory in the lotion, so that allows the body to heal quicker," said Taylor Diller, a licensed massage therapist at LoDo.

Diller chose specifically to work at LoDo because of this massage. She claims nearly 100 percent of her clients opt for the marijuana-infused massage.

"It's the best massage I’ve ever had in my life and that's coming from an ex- massage therapist," said Judd Wylie, a regular client at Lodo.

Wylie has two bulging discs in his lower back and a degenerative disc disease in his neck. He says the cream warms and loosens his muscles, allowing the therapists to work deeper, alleviating his problem areas.

According to Apothocanna, to the manufacturer of the lotion, and Diller, the Mile High Massage will not get the client stoned or cause them to fail a drug test.

"It doesn't give you a high because you're not ingesting it," said Diller. "It's purely topical."

Diller said anyone suffering from chronic pain would benefit from the Mile High Massage, and now she hopes the older generation will jump on board.

"My grandpa, he's all about it and he's never smoked weed in his life," said Diller.
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