Featured in the Marijuana Business Daily for our Mile High Massage

May 5, 2015

'Some businesses are targeting marijuana consumers – but not offering them the ability to get high.

Take LoDo Massage and Private Studio in Denver, which sells a "Mile High Massage."

For $65 per one-hour session, clients can get deep-tissue massages with a lotion that is infused with marijuana but doesn't have a psychoactive effect.

"It's mainly an anti-inflammatory," said Ed Rich, who owns the business and its parent company, LoDo Massage LLC. "You don't get high from it, you don’t get buzzed from it. It relaxes the muscles so it allows the therapist to get in deeper."

So far, the new massage is a huge hit, Rich said. Almost 80% of the clients the studio had between June and mid-August wanted the marijuana-infused lotion.

"When you come in and get a massage, you can really feel the difference. It's a really good product," Rich said. "We have a lot of repeat business because people feel that it works very, very well."

The business’s client base has an enormous range – Rich said he gets repeat customers in their 20s all the way up to elderly customers in their 80s.

And as far as he knows, Rich is the only proprietor offering this type of marijuana massage (though some dispensaries do offer basic massage services).

Rich's only regret at this point is that he can’t sell bottles of the lotion in his studio because he's not a licensed marijuana retailer. So he had to strike a bargain with a local recreational marijuana shop, and now he buys the lotion in bulk for about $275 ever two weeks.

But the success of the Mile High Massage has easily offset the cost of paying for the lotion.

"I'd have probably sold quite a bit of bottles by now if I could," Rich said.'

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