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prenatal and craniosacral massage specialties

July 17, 2016

Hey There LoDo Massage Lovers!

As you may already know, LoDo Massage's "Mile High Massage" is specialized to each and every client. What qualifies as the perfect Mile High massage to one client, could be very different in technique, pressure and product from another.  This means there may be specialty massage therapy modalities that you didn't know were offered (or that they even existed) and these treatments could be incorporated into your new favorite massage experience. Since almost all of LoDo's massage therapists have an extensive background in deep tissue, trigger point and sports massage, here are two lesser known specialties along with some words of wisdom from LoDo Massage Studio's LMT, Juliette:

~ Prenatal massage -- calling all mamas! "[Prental massages] are beneficial to mommy throughout pregnancy, because massage increase the relaxation response. This is obviously incredibly important for mommy to have a successful and easy pregnancy. As any massage, the blood flow and oxygen is increase
d to the heart, muscles, and entire body which helps the health of the baby during each stage of pregnancy as well. Pregnancy massages are nurturing, supportive and allow mommy to rest, provide relief to the lower back, neck, shoulders and feet especially in the later stage of pregnancy." WOW!

~ Craniosacral therapy -- experiencing a subtle touch.  "This therapy is beneficial as part of massage treatment as the therapy itself helps to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and spinal fluid, which triggers the opposite of the "fight or flight" nervous system -- a nurturing response. It is in that space where the body self-regulates and heals by finding homeostasis. Craniosacral works with the subtle body and can be incredibly relaxing and healing to the physical, emotional, and spirit bodies. The practitioner can guide the movement of the craniosacral fluid around the spine from the cranium to the sacrum so that the client can enjoy increased range of motion, less back pain, jaw pain, fewer headaches, and more fluidity in the neck, shoulders and common areas of tension and stress we tend to hold in those structures. It's awesome bodywork if a client is willing to receive."

Are you curious about these or any other massage therapy modalities ? Feel free to call one of our Highlands or RiNo studios or email LoDo Massage studio's front desk staff at studio@lodomassage.com.

LoDo Massage Studios also offers specialty therapies and upgrades like: Ashiatsu, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Scalp, Foot, and Thai massage.

We hope to see you for your next massage experience soon.

LoDo Massage Studio Staff
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