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By Arynn - July 28, 2016

As a regular LoDo massage client or future client, you probably already have a major reason for pursuing therapeutic massage, or know you love it enough to make time to come to see your favorite Denver massage therapists at LoDo Massage Studio. You may also know the additional or secondary benefits of massage that can include; increasing the rate of healing, reducing inflammation, flushing out toxins, reducing stress, relieving layers of muscle tension and also reducing pressure on the sciatic nerve and joints. 

… BUT, what you may not know is that there are aftercare steps that you are highly encouraged to use to increase the benefits of your therapeutic massage treatment. Straight from the mouths of your LoDo massage therapists, here are some recommendations…

~ Therapeutic massage aftercare from LoDo Massage Studio’s professional LMTs ~

  • continually hydrate with lots of extra water all day, every day
  • drink herbal teas to assist in the flushing of bodily toxins
  • try an epsom salt bath with relaxing and mild aromatherapy (such as lavender essential oil) which is helpful in increasing the detoxification benefits of massage
  • rest as much as possible — naps immediately following your therapeutic massage treatment will allow the muscles to continue to experience the relaxing and releasing effects of the massage
  • avoid strenuous activities, such as intense workouts and cardio for 24 hours — light yoga, stretching and walking is acceptable
  • after sports massage that involves stretching or deeper therapeutic thai massage, you should spend time in the weeks afterwards continuing to stretch those areas so as to not negate the benefits of opening the connective tissue.      *** your LoDo massage therapist might also recommend a foam roller to stretch out stubborn or hard to reach muscles
  • avoid long periods of sitting in a car or intense long-distance traveling in a seated position, as it does not facilitate the movement of the lymph, endocrine, circulatory and digestive systems that massage intentionally activates
  • clients may experience temporary inflammation, muscle soreness, stiffness, nausea and emotional sensitivity as the lactic acid, bodily toxins and waste are flushed out during the 24 hours after your massage, so only pursue very easy-going, restful activities
  • avoid stimulants or substances that stress the liver, such as; caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, or recreational and prescription drugs — the flushed toxins after massage have accumulated and need to be released first
  • try Apothecanna CBD-infused lotion, that can be found at many local dispensaries, on sensitive or sore areas after your massage
  • depending on the massage therapy focus area and type, you may need to use an ice pack or warm heat wrap to help recovery time of an injury, so please ask your licensed LoDo massage therapist what temperature could benefit you most and they will make an aftercare recommendation

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