Reflexology: Love Your Feet

Secretly On LoDo’s Massage Upgrade Menu

By Arynn - August 3, 2016

Hey LoDo Lovers!

Did you know that LoDo Massage Studio offers reflexology with a select few of our licensed massage therapists? We do! At both RiNo and Highlands locations in Denver, CO.

    Reflexology, like yoga, is an ancient practice with Eastern origins. The central focus of reflexology to relieve stress and increase flow in other parts of the body through the gentle and steady manipulation of the feet.  With the perfect application of pressure, your LoDo massage therapist seeks to find reflex points on the sole of each foot to benefit certain organs and bodily networks.  The freeing of subtle body energies, circulation and relaxation are to be expected with this unique massage technique. Reflexology is more popular than you might know — it’s used on almost every continent and known as a preventative and holistic treatment around the world.  So, why not try it at your favorite Denver Massage Studio?

    The best way to incorporate reflexology into your next massage treatment at LoDo Massage Studio in RiNo or Highlands, is to first call in advance to discuss which massage therapist specializing in reflexology is available at your preferred location. Then, simply select a length of Mile High massage and be sure to specify the bodily areas you need focused on. Finally, you can opt to add on a foot upgrade for 15 minutes ($15) or just request that the final minutes of your massage is dedicated to giving some love to your feet.

    Also, just a friendly reminder that all of our massage therapists offer foot massage upgrades that simply relax those amazing appendages that hold us up and keep us upright and walking all day long.

Remember, #WeMassageDenver — please call #720.360.0035 with any questions you may have about our Mile High massage, CBD lotion, reflexology, our new boutique location or any of our other upgrades and massage modalities. Our rockin' front desk staff will make suggestions to help create the best personalized massage experience you've ever had.


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