5 Reasons to Give LoDo Gift Certificates

hint: you're supporting a local business

By Arynn - December 9, 2016

Question -- Have you ever purchased a nice collection of holiday gifts for your loved ones in previous years and thought about where your money was really going?

Whether you're already concious of the companies you're spending with or not, here is a good reason to start:  Local companies support your community and chains support a CEO's ever inflating paycheck. Our company, LoDo Massage Studio, is a concious local company built on the idea of healing our community and offering affordable, high-quality therapeutic massage to Denver, CO. Because of this, we'd like to let you know what kind of company you're purchasing from when you purchase someone a holiday gift certificate from LoDo.

"What happens when you purchase a gift certificate for a massage for your loved ones at LoDo Massage Studio instead of a chain...."

#1. Truthfully, regardless of where you purchase a massage, the recipient is getting healing bodywork instead of an unhealthy box of food or something they won't ever use. BUT with LoDo Massage Studio, you're getting gauranteed quality -- every time. Plus, gift certificates for massages almost always are redeemed and always thoughtful.

#2. If you choose to purchase from LoDo Massage Studio specfically, you can rest assured that you are supporting a local business.  Did you forget to pitch in on Small Business Saturday? Well then, a gift certificate from LoDo will most certainly redeem you!  LoDo Massage Studio may have 2 locations now, but we're still a small business that was started by a Denver native with a dream to help others heal. Our first studio opened in RiNo in 2014 and still has a small business soul that keeps us humble, even as we have gained popularity throughout Denver.

#3. We're just good people. Besides being 2 studios full of healing body workers, we're veteran-friendly, LGBT-friendly and just plain FRIENDLY! You'll be able to see the friendly straight away when you meet our spunky & smiling front desk staff. LoDo Massage Studio also proudly welcomes and employs service members/veterans, is known for donating massage gift certificates to many good causes, has always welcomed the LGBT community with open arms and even sponsored an empowering female athlete -- Sarah Stanley! 

#4. You're supporting local healers or local body healing artists if you will. Your massage therapists count on LoDo Massage Studio to find them amazing clients, so they can spread the joy of therapeutic massage to Denver. Supporting your community is some seriously good Karma!

#5. Most importantly, you're getting the best massage in Denver. Our massage therapists are well-trained, have years of experience and are dedicated to massage therapy, your well-being and cross-modality healing. We include CBD lotion in our signature Mile High Massage, which infuses more healing into your massage. If you have an appointment at LoDo, you are guaranteed an amazing massage experience.

BONUS: you can choose from adorable holiday-themed gift certificates with the option to print or email them!

So, if you know someone who could use a locally brewed, high-quality massage and they live in Denver, buy them a gift certificate by clicking [HERE.]  You could also buy one for yourself! We won't judge.

LoDo Massage Studio Staff



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