A Perfect Way To Say Thank You To Mom

Make This Mother's Day Special

"Thank you.” Those are two words we can’t say enough to the mother figures in our life.

‘Thank you’ might be for the years of her being your personal chef, assistant, cheerleader, taxi driver, nurse, coach, caregiver, and party planner. Or the years of warmth, encouragement, energy, sacrifice, love, and supply of perfect mom hugs.

She holds it together through the roughest of waves and weathers the storm. Please, make sure this Mother’s Day she knows her hard work doesn’t go unnoticed!

Be sure to give her a gift she will truly love - a massage! You know she deserves it. It’s also the gift that keeps on giving. Relief lasts well beyond the massage itself, as targeted tension relief can improve your entire month. Who wouldn’t love receiving the healing and relaxing power of a massage? 

We won’t tell anyone if you buy yourself one too!  ;-)

LoDo Massage makes it as easy as 1…2…3  [Buy Now!]

Types of Moms’ Who Deserve a Massage:

Tense Moms.  Massages = tension relief. We offer CBD upgrades too.

Exhausted Moms.  1 hour massages are also code for 1 hour naps.
Do-Everything Moms.  Massages = a well deserved time for nonstop/on-the go moms.  Our studio is open 9a - 9p every day, so massages are easy to schedule and plan into her day.

Chill Moms.  So, she’s already chill, which means massages are perfect for her personality. Her naturally relaxed body will actually allow a massage  to have more depth, if needed.

Hot Mess Moms.  Frazzled? Needs her coffee? Walking around with her clothes inside out? We can help with that. We don’t judge.

Crunchy Moms. Kombucha-fueled vegan mommy? She’ll LOVE the holistic approach of massage to soothe her aches and pains. We’d be happy to see her after her Kundalini yoga class.

Workout Moms.  Burpees with a baby on her back? Bet she’ll need a massage for that.

Career Moms. High powered career and kids can add quite a bit of stress to this mom’s life. Massage will be perfect for her to unwind.

Dad-Moms.  Know a single dad who pulls both mom & dad duties? Don’t forget to honor him this May 12th with a massage too!

All in all, the gift of massage can recharge mind and body, so keep mom’s mind clear, boost her mood, relax her muscles, promote better sleep, and so much more!
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