Massage Modalities at LoDo Massage Studio - Part 2

LoDo Massage Studio also offers injury recovery massage, prenatal massage, and massage for minors.

By Hanna Kim - September 5, 2018

 In an effort to streamline the massage experience here at LoDo Massage Studio, we offer one main service, the “Mile High Massage,” in different time allotments. However, one service does not mean one experience. There are nearly 50 massage therapists between our two studios in RiNo and the Highlands neighborhoods. This means 50 different combinations of experience and training in modalities clients have available to choose from. These different massage modalities each have their own benefits, so here are three options suited for different people:

Massage for Minors

If your child is like the many other students in Denver participating in school sports, chances are they could use a massage to relax overused muscles after a long season of training and matches. Or perhaps they are also suffering from neck and shoulder pain due to hours spent sitting and studying for exams or maybe they have “text neck,” a modern ailment from the overuse of technology.

Massage is available for minors who are under 18 years old at LoDo Massage Studio. A parent or guardian must accompany younger clients and co-sign their liability waiver.

Prenatal Massage

A fairly common misconception that massage is bad for pregnant women still lingers today. There is no research that shows massage will stimulate an early labor or miscarriage. In fact, massage has many benefits for pregnant women.

Your body goes through many changes during pregnancy that can lead to pain, most commonly in your lower back and hips, as well as discomfort in your joints. Prenatal massage helps relax your body so you can get as much restful sleep as you can before the baby comes.

We recommend receiving a prenatal massage from massage therapists with the proper training since there are some additional precautions to take.

Recovery Massage

An injury recovery massage can greatly decrease the time you need in order to get back up and running at 100% after an injury. Massage can help reduce the compensation patterns you may develop in response to an injury such as a muscle strain, sprain, fracture or bone break. After these injury sites are past their acute stage of healing, massage therapists can also help loosen tightened and scarred muscle tissue to encourage proper healing.

We strongly recommend getting any serious injuries cleared with your doctor prior to coming in for a massage.

By learning a little about the different types of massage, you can make your Mile High Massage completely unique to your needs. Stay tuned for future posts on even more types of massage offered at LoDo Massage Studio!


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