Using Positivity to Promote Peace and Happiness in Your Life

By Hanna Kim - September 20, 2018

International Day of Peace is a global effort established by the United Nations to commemorate and strengthen the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.  You can take small steps to create peace within yourself and with others in your life. By making a deliberate choice to think and live with more positivity, you can bring peace and happiness into your life and the lives of those around you.

How do you see yourself and your life in the present moment? Are you loving every moment of it or are you constantly seeing things you wish were different? While it’s great to notice the areas of your life where you want to see change, it is also important to consider the attitudes you adopt.

Start With Positive Thoughts

A peaceful life begins with positive thoughts. You may find it helpful to make a mindful effort to notice how you think, especially when you are experiencing stress. Notice the next time something irks you. What about the situation is irking you? Maybe you are hungry and the wait at your favorite restaurant is an hour long. In this situation, you have the option of turning a negative situation into a positive one by finding another dining place you love. Perhaps you are extremely tired and/or frustrated by your long commute. Make it a point to have a conversation with your boss about changing your schedule to avoid rush hour, or use it as motivation to find a new job. 

Being positive also comes with health benefits you may not have realized. According to the Mayo Clinic, thinking positively could help you better cope with stress and therefore reduce the impacts of stress on your body. Replace negative thoughts with a positive spin and see how this reflects in your life. 

Express Gratitude

Express gratitude for the things that bring joy to your life. Taking the time to acknowledge the things that are working in your life will enable you to appreciate them all the more. 

Try journaling one thing you are grateful for each day for a week and see if you notice any change in your attitude. The things you are grateful for may be something planned, like seeing your favorite band perform, or perhaps they may be something you regularly take for granted, like having a warm bed to sleep in each night or a partner who loves and cherishes you.

Tell your loved ones, co-workers, and others who are involved in your life that you are thankful for their existence. You can express your gratitude in the form of a thank you note addressed to the person who brings your mail, or to your friend for always being there when you need them. This not only brightens up their day but also reminds you of how intertwined our lives and attitudes are with the people around us.


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