6 Simple Self-Care Tips for A Smooth Finals Week

Hanna Kim - November 29, 2018

Finals week is almost here! Whether you’re a freshman finishing up their first semester of college or almost halfway through your senior year, finals are pretty stressful for almost anyone. Your health may be something easy to neglect during this time. Boost your health and your grades with these self-care tips:

Eat Healthy Snacks

You are what you eat, and eating nutritious food throughout the day will help fuel your studies. Avoid eating too many vending machine snacks like potato chips or sugary sweets at a cafe. Instead, grab a healthy snack like fruit or nuts to give your body the energy it needs. Dark chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, or veggies and hummus are also portable and healthy snacks.

Drink Lots of Water

Have you had something to drink besides coffee or an energy drink? Remember to drink plenty of water too, especially if find yourself drinking more caffeinated beverages than usual. It’s better to limit your caffeine intake to under 400mg a day (about 4 cups), but some may feel side effects like jitteriness or a headache before that many cups. Being dehydrated can make you feel more lethargic than you actually are, too, so make sure to keep a bottle of water handy.

Get Up and Moving

On the days you need to park yourself in the library to study for long hours, it’s good for your body to get some movement. Take a break to go for a run around Wash Park or go for a ride on the Cherry Creek Trail. If the cold makes you hesitant about exercising outdoors, try an affordable drop-in yoga class at RiNo Yoga Social. Exercise helps you de-stress and can help you feel less restless from sitting all day.

Pace Yourself

Chances are, if you have a full class load, multiple exams may fall on the same day. Reduce the stress of cramming last minute by planning ahead. Schedule out when you can make time to study for each exam or work on each term paper. If you have trouble finding motivation, find a study buddy. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started - you can hold each other accountable to meet up and study.

Get Good Sleep

It’s tempting to stay up all night, especially as deadlines draw nearer. Getting adequate sleep is crucial for both the learning process and good memory. Instead of cramming all night, try and maintain your good sleep schedule. For more information, check out this summary by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard.  

Relax with a Massage

After all that hard work, you deserve a reward. Book a massage for yourself at one of our studio locations to help release knots in your neck and shoulders from reading your notes as well as low back tension from extended periods of sitting

Good luck with finals!

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