Nurture Your Relationship with these Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Hanna Kim - February 5, 2019

It can be hard to think of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift each year. Some of us may choose not to participate in this holiday, but for those with partners whose main love language is giving and receiving gifts, Valentine’s Day makes a great opportunity to show your love and appreciation for them. Instead of candy or chocolates, consider these health-focused gift ideas for your Valentine.

Air Humidifier

The dry climate in Denver can feel heightened with the cold temperatures and gusty winds that accompany the winter season. Air that is too dry can bring about uncomfortable symptoms, especially while you sleep at night. If your significant other complains about waking up with dry eyes, a stuffy or bloody nose, or dry throat, an air humidifier may be the perfect gift for them. Those with respiratory conditions like allergies and asthma will especially benefit from the increased humidity that helps loosen congestion and reduce dry air irritants. A humidifier also helps you and your partner have healthier skin by preventing chapped lips, hangnails, dry scalp, and itchy skin.

Bonus: Find a humidifier with an option to add essential oils for aromatherapy. Mix and match scents like rose, vanilla, bergamot, and ylang-ylang to help you set your space up for romance.

Pressure Cooker

Many people have been replacing their slow cookers with their faster cousin: the pressure cooker. Pressure cookers can save up to 70% of cook time for a boyfriend or girlfriend who loves to cook but also wants to spend time on other hobbies. Pressure cookers help your meals stay nutritious and delicious, thanks to the shortened cooking time and lower need for liquids. Vitamins, minerals, and taste can stay intact instead of boiling or steaming away with traditional cooking methods.

Alternative: Meal Delivery Service

If you and your partner’s busy schedules prevent you from cooking as much as you want to, a meal delivery service can help save on prep time. Check out this meal delivery service guide comparing costs, dietary options, how food items are sourced, and even how sustainable each company’s packaging is.

A Gift Card for the Best Massage in Denver

Chances are, as Denver residents, you and your partner live an active lifestyle. A gift card for an expert deep tissue massage shows you care and prevents your hands from getting tired after rubbing your SO’s back for 5 minutes. Valentine’s Day massages at LoDo Massage Studio book out early so we recommend you book appointments ASAP. Opt for a couple’s massage as a gift you can enjoy together.

Exercise Classes

Perhaps your SO just moved to a new neighborhood in Denver and not quite sure what gym to join. There are dozens of places to work out in Denver, from yoga studios to CrossFit centers and climbing gyms that make up a large chunk of RiNo, the Highlands, and beyond. A Classpass membership can help your partner choose a new gym or try out new workouts, and can give you two fun and healthy date ideas you can bond over.  
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