Managing Fear Through Meditation

By Carolina Cuartas - January 13, 2020

Mediation can not only help live happier and more simply, but it can help develop patience that can increase your ability to stand unmoved in the face of trials. When you perceive matters with calmness, everything you say or do will flow more effortlessly. Thus, meditation with the intention of facing fears can be beneficial for improving your own wellbeing.

Controlling Fear

When you are faced with a threat, we can either fight, run, or remain calm.  Meditation allows for a spiritual refueling in that extra moment before you act. With patience, you’ll be able to think clearly and now in terms of your own advantage. With practice, you’ll have more control of the parasympathetic brain. This is the opposite of the flight or fight response, where your more relaxed. It can help you recognize your anger patterns by observing your related weaknesses and resentment. It’ll remind you to refrain from creating you own faults. The stress of realizing our inability to make yourself right will be become repentance.


Mediation: Try a simple visualization to let go of fear and anxiety. Sitting in a comfortable position for meditation, with a straight back, we close our eyes and breathe naturally through our nose. Spend a little time identifying what it is you are currently afraid of. We identify our deluded, unhealthy fears, such as the fear of dying, the fear of loss, the fear of failure, and so forth. Using our wisdom, we understand that all these fears, and all dangers, arise because of our deluded minds and negative actions. Then visualize these fears together with their actual causes  in the form of dense thick smoke, and we breathe it out. This smoke leaves our nostrils and disappears to the furthest reaches of space, where it completely disappears, never to return.

As we inhale, we imagine we are breathing in all the pure, inspiring energy and fearlessness of all holy beings in the form of blissful white light, which fills our body and mind. After meditating like this for a while, we feel that our body and mind are now completely pure and that we have received the blessings and protection of all holy beings. Our body feels light and supple, and our mind is clear, peaceful, and fearless. (Source)

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