Why Massage & Yoga Are A Perfect Combo

By Carolina Cuartas - January 24, 2020

Massage and yoga are both crucial for living a happy and healthy life. These practices share many benefits like improving flexibility, detoxifying the body, and cleansing the mind. Many of us decide between getting a massage or going to yoga as a form of self-care. A massage and yoga combo will help you reap the benefits of both.

Want to flow more deeply into poses? The increased range of motion and blood flow from a massage can do the trick. It can help calm the mind and allow you to focus on getting those out of each sequence. Ask your therapist to massage you first for ultimate effectiveness.

Looking for a deeper massage? Yoga before a massage can help lengthen and calm muscles. It can also improve our breathing technique while we get a massage. These components will help your therapist get to those stubborn knots or aches you are experiencing.

Need help sleeping? Combining both can heighten the benefits the mind receives. Both can decrease depression and anxiety, treat insomnia, and help relieve irritating pain. 

Not too sure which to choose? You can always communicate your needs with the front desk representative or your massage therapist. Our staff has to knowledge to help you achieve the most from your massage and yoga session. 
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