Reflexology: Going Beyond Just A Foot Massage

By Carolina Cuartas - February 25, 2020

Reflexology has been practiced by the Egyptians around 2300 B.C. and is one of the most popular types of massage. The purpose of a reflexology massage is to go deeper than the skin and muscles. This will help stimulate nerves in the body to encourage blood flow (Source). Since there are a total of 17,000 touch receptors and free nerve endings in the palm and 7,000 nerve endings per foot, reflexology will help unleash the healing ability of the body. (Source).

During a reflexology session, the pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the foot and hand.  Pressure and stimulation of these reflexes send a stimulus to the central nervous system and a response is generated aiding the body to regain its natural state of balance.

During the session, the therapist will knead the ball of the foot, massage around the heel and arch of the foot, and pull on the toes. The massage therapist will also focus on relaxing your hand by massaging your fingers, thumbs, and the base of the hand (Source).

Benefits of Reflexology

There are numerous physical and mental benefits you can get from a Reflexology Massage.  Some of the benefits include:
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Activated relaxation response 
  • Lower anxiety and depression levels
  • Detoxification
  • Pain reduction
  • Enhanced relaxation 
  • Clear sinuses
  • Improved digestion
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Reduced nerve problems and numbness from cancer drugs (Source)
If you are looking to incorporate reflexology into your massage, make sure to let your therapist know that you want a deeper focus on the feet and/or the hands. 

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