Five Reasons Why Self-Care Is Essential To A Positive Well-Being

By Nikki Sunshine - August 25, 2022

In the past decade, the buzzword “self-care” has permeated US pop culture. According to Google Trends, interest in the term has grown steadily since 2010. Most people are simply curious- asking “what is self-care?”

Although interest has spiked recently, some believe that the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates is credited with the founding of the self-care movement. Spill-over into the US mainstream began around the 1950s, initially within the medical community and as a by-product of the Civil Rights Movement. 

You likely know what self-care is and how to practice it by now- but do you know why it is vital to maintaining a healthy state of well-being?  Self-care is not just a buzzword! Here are five reasons why self-care is important.

  1. Reduces Anxiety & Stress
    When life gets tough, it can seem impossible to find time for yourself. Living in a constant state of stress, however, can ultimately deteriorate both your physical and mental health. Taking time to care for yourself on a regular basis can help you manage stress and anxiety more effectively. Regular sleep, exercise, and eating well all play a role in this. Overall, successfully coping with stress is one of the most central reasons for practicing self-care.




  2. Helps Prevent Burnout
    Living in a constant state of stress leads to burnout. When you reach the point of utter exhaustion due to excessive stress, that is considered burnout. Meeting the most simple demands of life becomes what seems like an insurmountable task. No one wants to reach this point, and it can be avoided by paying attention to what your body needs and wants.

    improve concentration

  3. Improves Concentration & Mood
    Practicing self-care involved a certain amount of self-awareness. Being able to recognize patterns in your emotions can help you identify what situations trigger you. Studies have shown that people who practice regular self-care are more productive and optimistic, and can even be more creative. Not to mention- chronic stress shrinks your brain’s prefrontal cortex- the area that is responsible for memory and learning.

    increase energy

  4. Increases Energy
    Chronic stress is known to disrupt sleep, resulting in low energy levels. When we experience stress, our nervous system is activated and the body releases certain hormones into the bloodstream. While this may seem to cause a temporary burst of energy for some, in the long run, it depletes your resources and results in exhaustion. Maintaining a healthy self-care regimen can help keep you from regularly and unnecessarily draining your energy levels.

    physical health

  5. Can Support Physical Health
    All of the factors mentioned above can impact physical health in some way. When you take care of your mind, your body follows. Being mindful and aware of what the body needs are essential to healthy lifestyle choices. The mind is incredibly powerful, and taking care of mental health is directly connected to a healthy body.

It is paramount to recognize that your self-care routine does not need to be Instagram-ready. At the most basic level, it can be anything that benefits your physical, mental, or spiritual self. A complete overhaul of yourself is not necessary and should not be expected with the practice of self-care. Setting realistic goals here is essential. Think of it, rather, as small steps you can take to a more encompassing healthful lifestyle. 

At LoDo Massage, we are self-care experts. Regular massage therapy is one of the best tools out there for physical wellness and peace of mind. Your Massage Therapist will be there to support your self-care journey and advise you after each session on how you can continue to either improve or maintain your routine. Book your session today to supercharge your self-care routine!

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