Thai Massage

Deep, Relaxing Stretch

Thai Massage features slow, rhythmic compression, acupressure, warm Thai Compresses, and passive stretching. This style of massage is more than hands-on: your therapist will use their hands, feet, and even their knees to move your body to create space and flexibility.

Athletic Colorado residents and visitors looking for relaxation apres-ski or post-hike can benefit most from Thai Massage. Thai Massage is also very helpful for people with range-of-motion issues.

If you'd like to try Thai Yoga Massage but also need Deep Tissue Massage, we also offer a Thai and Table Combo!


60 minutes


90 minutes


120 minutes

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What to Wear, and What to Expect

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced on a futon-like mat, fully clothed. It's best to wear comfortable clothing, similar to what you would wear to the gym or a traditional yoga class. Click here for more info